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Automatic Control of anaesthetic depth in humans:a breakthrough?

A current research project at the Automatic Control Laboratory is developing an autonomous anaesthesia system. In recent years the introduction in the clinical practice of new non-invasive monitoring techniques as well as computer controlled drug delivery devices changed radically the way anaesthetic drugs are administered. Feedback controllers might take over some of the routine tasks of anaesthesia, providing optimal drug administration profiles and leaving the anaesthetist more time to concentrate on more critical issues during surgery. In collaboration with the University Hospital in Bern and profiting from solid collaboration with industrial partners like Draeger and Aspect Medical Systems, feedback controllers were developed to regulate gas concentrations in breathing system. Subsequently, closed loop controllers to regulate blood pressure were developed and tested, which guarantee haemodynamic stability during surgical manipulation. Recently, closed loop controllers of hypnosis were designed and tested to ensure unconsciousness and absence of recall without overdosing of hypnotic drugs. In this talk the challenges and the results achieved during the project will be discussed, with special emphasis on the procedures required to cope with safety issues in Operating Theatre. The talk will describe the experimental set-up used clinically and the algorithms embedded in the controller to cope with the safety issues of the Operating Theatre. Namely, drug delivery is adjusted according to physiological measurements obtained from the patient.

Type of Seminar:
Public Seminar
Dott.-Ing. Andrea Gentilini
Automatic Control Lab. Dept of Electrical Engineering ETH Zurich CH-8092 Zurich
May 24, 2000   17:15

ETH Zurich,ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35 8006 Zürich
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Andrea Gentilini graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Politecnico di Milano 'summa cum laude' in 1997. He is the recipient of the 'Pastonesi award' for his diploma thesis on chromatography. Since 1997 he is Ph.D candidate and teaching assistant at the Automatic Control Laboratory. He obtained Postgraduate diplomas in Information Technology and in Applied Statistics. His research interests include modeling of physiological systems, design and implementation of feedback controllers in anaesthesia. In April 2000 - together with the Staff at the University Hospital in Bern - he tested the first closed-loop controller of hypnosis with volatile agents.