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Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
2007-12-20, 10:45
ETL K 25
Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani An Optimal Control Design for Input-Affine Nonlinear Systems
2007-12-17, 16:30
ETH Zurich, MainBuilding, Room HG E41
Prof. Michael Dellnitz Set Oriented Numerics in Dynamics and Optimization
2007-12-03, 15:30
ETL, K25
Alexander Noelle Robust Control of thruster driven spacecraft formations
2007-11-23, 11:00
Prof. Paolo Mattavelli Integrated digital controllers for dc-dc converters: overview of some control issues
2007-11-01, 14:00
ETL K 25
Kostas B.Margellos Reduced-order models for wind generators suitable for dynamic simulation of electrical energy systems
2007-10-22, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastr. 35, Building ETZ, Room E7
Frédéric Bourgault, Postdoctoral Research Associate Decentralized Estimation and Control for Information Gathering Robots: Searching for Targets Lost in a Bayesian World
2007-10-15, 14:15
ETH Zentrum, Building ETL, room K25
Alessandra Parisio Crane Scheduling and Manufacturing Plant Simulation
2007-10-04, 11am
Dr. Yong Wang Modelling and Control Issues in Fluid and Traffic Flows
2007-09-17, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastr. 35, Building ETZ, Room E6
Prof. Brian D.O Anderson Control and information architectures for formations
2007-09-13, 11am
Hartmut Geyer From hybrid dynamics to motor control of human locomotion
2007-09-13, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ , Room E9
Prof. Akira Kojima Start-up control of a hot strip mill tension/looper system: an approach based on model predictive control
2007-08-30, 14:00
ETH Zentrum, Building ETL, room K25
Silvestro Micera Bidirectional neural interfaces and neural prostheses
2007-08-29, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastr. 35, Building ETZ, Room E6
Prof. Pedro Albertos Control Issues in Embedded Control Systems
2007-08-22, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, ETL K 25
Tomas Sluka Noise and Vibration Control: Piezoelectric Shunting with a Negative Capacitor
2007-08-10, 11:00
ETL K 25
Marcus Hildmann "Paramter Estimation for Financial Models"
2007-08-09, 11am-12am
Eugenio Cinquemani Identification of Genetic Regulatory Networks - A stochastic Hybrid Approach
2007-07-26, 11am
Cristian Grossmann Optimizing control of simulated moving bed processes
2007-07-19, 11am
Miroslav Baric Local Control Lyapunov Functions for Constrained LTI Systems
2007-07-12, 11am
Sebastien Mariethoz Control of active front end converters with EMI filters
2007-07-05, 11am
Helfried Peyrl A theorem of the alternative for the existence of a Lyapunov function
2007-06-28, 11.15am
Akin Sahin Optimizing Control of Hot Blast Stoves
2007-06-14, 11am
Ioannis Lymperopoulos Aircraft Modeling and Trajectory Prediction using Particle Filters
2007-06-13, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ, Room E 6
Prof. Chenggui Yuan Preserving exponential mean-square stability in the simulation of hybrid SDEs
2007-06-12, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, ETL K 25
Dr. Naim Bajcinca Robust control for mechatronic vehicle dynamics systems
2007-06-08, 16:15
ETH Zentrum, Building ML
Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni Control of driveability in hybrid-electric vehicles
2007-06-07, 11am
Philipp Rostalski Conference Report : IFAC Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems 2006
2007-06-04, 14.00
ETL K 25
Prof. Argimiro Secchi Integrated tools for system modeling, simulation, control, and optimization
2007-06-01, 10am
Martin Mevissen Solving partial differential equations via sparse SDP relaxations of polynomial optimization problems
2007-05-31, 10.15 a.m.
Clas A. Jacobson, Director Systems Engineering for Critical Infrastructure: The Role of Dynamics, Control and Embedded Systems
2007-05-24, 11am
Badis Djeridane Reachability Computations: approximate solution using neural networks and randomized techniques
2007-05-22, 11:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building VAW Room B 1
Professor Alexander B. Kurzhanski Dynamic Programming for Target Control Synthesis
2007-05-21, 16:30-18:00 (Coffee: 16:00-16:30)
ETH Zentrum, HG E41
Prof. John Lygeros "Randomized optimization with an expected value criterion: Finite sample bounds and applications to air traffic control"
2007-05-16, 15.00
Dr. David Megias-Alguacil Progress Report
2007-05-15, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ, Room E 6
Dr. Paul Goulart Affine Feedback Policies for Robust Control with Constraints
2007-05-11, 15:00
ETL K 25
Dr. Ilya (I.V.) Kolmanovsky Developments in Control of Systems With Constraints (Informal Seminar)
2007-05-10, 11:30
ETL K-25
Thomas Besselmann Explicit MPC for LPV systems
2007-05-08, 11:15
ETH Zentrum, ETL K 25
Debasish Chatterjee Stability of randomly switched systems: a slow switching perspective
2007-05-03, 11am
Mirko Fiacchini On the computation of local invariant sets for nonlinear systems: a D.C. approach.
2007-04-30, 16:30-18:00 (Coffee: 16:00-16:30)
ETH Zentrum, Main Building, Room: HG E41
Prof. Aharon Ben-Tal Robust solutions of affected conic optimization problems
2007-04-26, 11am
Kristian Nolde Hydro Power, Thermal Printing, Steel Production and Retail Scheduling - Searching for Optimal Solutions
2007-04-25, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ, Room E 6
Prof. Ruggero Frezza An overview of the research activities of the vision and autonomous navigation lab at the Universita` di Padova
2007-04-24, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ, Room E 6
Prof. Andrea Lecchini-Visintini Rigorous finite-time guarantees for optimization on continuous domains by simulated annealing
2007-04-19, 11am
Ioannis Fotiou A numerical algebraic geometry approach to nonlinear constrained optimal control
2007-04-10, 16:15
Kimberly Chung Predictable Motion in Unpredictable Domains: The Spotlight Tracking Problem
2007-04-05, 11.00 am
ETL K 25
Felix Althaus Identification and control of a mechanical system with backlash
2007-04-05, 11.30 am
ETL K 25
Gion-Pitschen Gross Selective Control of Wrist and Finger Flexors for FES activated grasping
2007-03-21, 17:15
ETH Zurich, Auditorium Maximum, Rämistr. 101, HG F 30
Prof. Dr. John Lygeros Inaugural lecture: "DNA, aircraft and other random things: Robustness in the face of uncertainty"
2007-03-15, 11.30am
Urban Maeder Reference Tracking with MPC
2007-03-15, 11am
Thomas Haag Design and realization of a DSP board for hybrid system control
2007-03-08, 11am
Konstantinos Koutroumpas Stochastic Hybrid Models in Biological Processes, Modeling and Analysis
2007-02-20, 10:15 a.m.
ETH Zentrum, Building ETZ, Room E6, Gloriastrasse 35, 8006 Zurich
Prof. Anders Rantzer Linear quadratic theory for distributed control - From telescopes to vehicle formations
2007-02-15, 11am
Dr Sasa V Rakovic Reachability Analysis via Invariant Sets
2007-02-08, 11am
Andreas Kuhn Modelling Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation
2007-02-07, 17:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, Building ETZ, Room E 6
Prof. Franco Blanchini Set-theoretic Methods in Control
2007-02-01, 11am
Jonas Kley Automatic Tolerance Band Tuning in Direct Torque Control
Sebastien Mariethoz MPC in Electric Energy Applications
2007-01-25, 11am
Sebastien Mariethoz Model Predictive Control in Electric Energy Applications
MPC in Electric Energy Applications
2007-01-18, 11am
Dr. Colin N. Jones Parametric Programming and Friends
2007-01-16, Jan 16, 14.00
Dr. Sasa V. Rakovic Tube Model Predictive Control: Output Feedback Case
2007-01-11, 11am
Thierry Keller and Antonello Caruso Report on Automed06 and EMB Conference, 2006
2007-01-04, 11am
Colin Jones and Ioannis Fotiou Report on Fast NMPC, 2006