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Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
2010-12-06, 14.00
ETF C 109
Fahimeh Kazempour Networked Distributed Control with both Induced Delay and Packet Dropout
2010-11-19, 11.00
ETF C 109
Dr. Paul Goulart Global Stability Analysis of Fluid Flows using Sum-of-Squares
2010-11-15, 16:30-18:00
ETHZ Rämistrasse 101, HG G 19.1
Prof. Michel Bierlaire A Heuristic for Nonlinear Global Optimization
2010-11-09, 10.15
ETH, Gloriastrasse 35, ETZ E8
Prof. Jose Carmena Neural adaptations to a brain-machine interface
2010-11-02, 15:00
ETZ Gloriastrasse 35, H 91
Prof. Ian Mitchell Backwards Reachability for Nonlinear, Nondeterministic Continuous Systems
2010-11-01, 16:30-18:00
ETHZ Rämistrasse 101, HG G 19.2
Prof. Bart De Schutter Hierarchical MPC for intelligent vehicle-highway systems
2010-10-25, 16:30-18:00
ETHZ Rämistrasse 101, HG G 19.1
Dr. Daniel Kuhn Scenario free approximations to stochastic programming via decision rules
2010-10-12, 10:15
Prof. Ion Necoara Distributed Optimization Methods for Estimation and Control over Networks
2010-10-11, 15.15
Dr. Maxim Kristalny Exploiting previewed information in estimation and control
2010-09-27, 16:30-18:00
ETHZ Rämistrasse 101, HG G 19.1
Dipl.-Math. Vladimir Shikhman Bilevel Optimization: on the Structure of the Feasible Set
2010-09-20, 16:30-18:00
ETHZ Rämistrasse 101, HG G 19.1
Prof. Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger Harvesting Behavior in a Simulated Lotka-Volterra Model
An Availability Fallacy
2010-08-27, 11.15 a.m.
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Silvestro Micera Neural control of hand prostheses in amputees using intraneural electrodes
2010-07-28, 4.00 p.m.
ETH, VAW building, room B1, Gloriastrasse 37/39
Prof. Daniel Graupe Mathematical and control aspects of deep-brain-stimulation in certain neurological disorders (Parkinson and Essential Tremor)
2010-07-05, 15:15
Physikstrasse 3, ETL K 25
Prof. Michael Gastpar Emerging Synergies between Communication and Computation - and Control?
2010-06-25, 11.15 a.m.
Prof. Dejan B. Popović Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for Assisting of the Walking
2010-06-21, 15:30
Physikstrasse 3, ETL K 25
Dr. Gerhard Wesp The Flight Simulator in Google Earth
2010-06-11, 16:15
ML H 41.1, Sonneggstrasse 3
Ass. Prof. Gheorghe Craciun Global injectivity criteria inspired by properties of biochemical networks
2010-06-04, 16:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastrasse 35, ETZ E 6
Prof. Roy Smith The dynamics of confusion and consensus in cooperative multi-agent systems
2010-06-03, 15:15
ETH Zentrum, Gloriastr. 35, Building ETZ, Room E6
Prof. Brian D.O. Anderson Multivariable zero-free Transfer Functions and Spectra, and their application in Economic Modelling
2010-06-01, 17:00
ETH Zurich, Gloriastrasse 35, Room ETZ J 91
Dr. Lorenzo Fagiano Efficient Nonlinear Model Predicitve Control via Set Membership approximation techniques
2010-05-28, 16:15
ETZ E 9, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. John-Paul Clarke NowGen – Turning the Next Generation Air Transportation System into a Reality Sooner Rather Than Later
2010-05-27, 15:15 - 16:45 /
ETH, Rämistrasse 101, HG F 7
Prof. Allen Tannenbaum HURWITZ LECTURE (2): Optimal Mass Transport Mappings for Surface Warping and Image Registration
2010-05-26, 15:15 - 16:45 /
ETH, Rämistrasse 101, HG F 30 (Audimax)
Prof. Allen Tannenbaum HURWITZ LECTURE (1): Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging
2010-05-25, 16:15
ETZ E9, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Semyon M. Meerkov Quasilinear Control: Performance Analysis and Design of Feedback Systems with Nonlinear Actuators and Sensors
2010-05-11, 14:15
Physikstrasse 3, K 25
Dr. Ufuk Topcu Model-Based Analysis and Design for Complex System Integration
2010-05-10, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Prof. Dr. Sven de Vries Faster Separation of wheel inqualities for stable set polytopes
2010-05-06, 17:15 /
Gloriastrasse 35, ETZ E 6
Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson Fusion in Sensor Networks
2010-05-03, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Prof. Tamas Szantai On Numerical Calculation of Probabilities According to Dirichlet Distribution
2010-04-26, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Prof. Dirk Helbing Self-Organization and Self-Optimization of Traffic Flows on Freeways and in Urban Networks
2010-04-12, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Jan Heerda The exponent of Hoelder calmness for level sets of polynomials
2010-03-29, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Prof. Daniel Ralph Introduction to Mathematical Programs with Cone Complementarity Constraints
2010-03-24, 11:00
ETL K25, Physikstrasse 3
Manuel Soler Hybrid Optimal Control Approach to Commercial Aircraft Trajectory Planning
2010-03-22, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Dr. Antonis Papachristodoulou Nonlinear Systems Analysis using Convex Optimization
2010-03-16, 14:00
ETL K 25
Prof. Herbert Werner Complexity of LPV Models
2010-03-15, 16:30
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Dr. Johan Loefberg Automatic robust convex programming
2010-03-11, 11:00
ETL K 25, Physikstrasse 3
Prof. Martin Horn Sliding-mode control of an electronic throttle valve
2010-03-08, 16:30-18:00
HG G 19.1, Rämistrasse 101
Dr. Kenneth L. Judd Computing Equilibria of Dynamic Games
2010-03-05, 16:00
ML F38, Sonneggstrasse 3
Prof. Alan F. Lynch Design and Implementation of an Inertial Navigation System for a Helicopter UAV
2010-01-28, 11:00
Physikstrasse 3, ETL K25
Johan Akesson Modeling and Optimization with Optimica and
2010-01-14, 11:00
Saurabh Amin Toward a Theory of Secure Networked Control Systems