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Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
2014-12-02, 16:15
organized by the IfA laboratory IfA Open House
2014-11-24, 16:30
HG G 19.2 (Please note change of room)
Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis A hierarchical control approach for large-scale traffic networks
2014-11-20, 15:15
HG D 3.2, Rämistrasse 101
Prof. Alejandro Dominquez-Garcia Decentralized Control and Coordination of Distributed Resources for Emerging Applications in Electric Power Systems
2014-11-10, 11:15
Prof. Kostya Turitsyn Lyapunov Function Family method for Transient Stability Assessment
2014-11-06, 14:15
HG E 33.1
Rafael Palacios Aerodynamic Load Control in Lightweight Air Vehicles and Wind Turbines
2014-10-24, 11:15
ETZ E7, Gloriastrasse 35
Dr. Dvijotham Krishnamurthy Convex Energy Functions for Power Systems Analysis
2014-10-21, 11:15
ML F 34, Sonneggstrasse 3
Prof. Michael Stumpf Gaining Confidence in Signalling and Regulatory Networks
2014-10-20, 16:30
HG G 19.1
Prof. Neil Walton Efficient Advert Assignment
2014-09-29, 16:30
HG G 19.1
Prof. René Henrion Probabilistic Constraints: a structure-oriented introduction
2014-09-16, 15:15
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Steven Diamond Convex Optimization in Python with CVXPY
2014-09-16, 11:15
LFV E 41, Schmelzbergstrasse 7
Prof. Yoshihiko Susuki Data-Driven Analysis of Power System Dynamic Performances Based on Nonlinear Koopman Modes
2014-09-12, 15:00
Irchel Y35 F32
Dr. Lou Pecora Symmetries, Cluster Synchronization, and Isolated Desynchronization in Complex Networks
2014-06-30, 16:15
HG D 3.2, Rämistrasse 101
Dr. Rohan Shekhar Robust Model Predictive Control with Waysets
2014-06-20, 16:15
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Ignacio Grossmann Relaxations for Convex Nonlinear Generalized Disjunctive Programs and their Application to Nonconvex Problems
2014-06-19, 10:30 - 11:45
HCI D2, Hönggerberg
Prof. Ignacio Grossmann Challenges in the Application of Mathematical Programming Approaches to Enterprisewide Optimization of Process Industries
2014-06-10, 16:15
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Petter Ögren How Behavior Trees Modularize Robustness and Safety in the Hybrid Control Systems of Computer Games
2014-05-28, 14:15-15:00
LFW C 5, Universitätsstrasse 2
Dr. Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis Nonlinear Control of Delay and PDE Systems: Methods and Applications
2014-05-26, 15:15
Prof. Swaroop Darbha Performance Guarantee of a Suboptimal Policy for Multi-Robot Perimeter Surveillance
2014-05-16, 14:15-15:15
HG E 5
Prof. Mathukumalli Vidyasagar HURWITZ LECTURE 2: Recent Advances in Compressed Sensing
2014-05-15, 14:15-15:15
HG E 5
Prof. Mathukumalli Vidyasagar HURWITZ LECTURE 1: Machine Learning Methods in the Computational Biology of Cancer
2014-05-08, 17:15
ML E 12
Prof. Jessy W. Grizzle Feedback Control of Bipedal Locomotion: Theory and Experiments
2014-04-23, 14:15
Hongxu Chen Synthesis and Verification of Motor-Transmission Shift Controller for Electric Vehicles
2014-03-10, 16:30
HG G 19.1
Prof. Dario Bauso Robust Mean-Field Games
2014-03-06, 17:15
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Costas J. Spanos Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics
2014-03-03, 16:30
HG G 19.1
Prof. Jean Bernard Lasserre The moment-LP and moment-SOS approach in Optimization
2014-02-17, 16:30 (coffee 16:10-16:30)
HG G 19.1
Prof. Vassili Kolokoltsov Inspection games: evolutionary and mean-field game perspectives
2014-01-23, 4:15 pm
ETZ E 6, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Karl Henrik Johansson Control and Optimization of Road Goods Transportation
2014-01-16, 16:15
ETZ E6, Gloriastrasse 35
Prof. Ian Hiskens Model Predictive Control Strategies for Post-Disturbance Corrective Action