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Software developed at IfA

Software packages:

  • Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT) - A Matlab toolbox for multi-parametric optimization and computational geometry.

    MPT is an easy-to-use software tool for computation, analysis and visualization of explicit control laws for linear and Piecewise Affine (PWA) systems. It provides a large variety of different optimization procedures, ranging from cost-optimal solutions, through time-optimal strategies to computation of controllers of low complexity. The toolbox can easily deal with uncertain dynamical systems (parametric uncertainties and additive disturbances) and provide robustly stabilizing feedback control laws.

    Superb visualization of polytopes, Piecewise Affine and Piecewise Quadratic functions included! The toolbox comes along with a powerfull library to solve many problems arising in the field of computational geometry: Minkowski sums, Pontryagin differences, convex hulls, projections, intersections, set differences and many other problems can be very efficiently solved with the Multi-Parametric Toolbox.

  • HYSDEL - Hybrid Systems DEscription Language.
  • YALMIP - YALMIP features an intuitive and flexible modelling language for solving optimization problems in MATLAB. The main emphasis is on convex conic programming (linear, quadratic, second order cone and semidefinite programming), but the toolbox supports also integer programming and nonconvex problems. The toolbox additionally includes modules for moment and sum of squares programming, mixed integer conic programming and global nonconvex optmization. A large number of solvers (both free and commercial) are interfaced and YALMIP will automatically use the most suitable solver it can find. YALMIP can also be used together with the MPT toolbox to setup and solve multiparametric programs.


  • CDDmex - Matlab mex interface to CDD, a free and fast software for solving different problems from the field of computational geometry and linear programming.
  • CPLEXint - Matlab mex interface to CPLEX solvers.
  • mexQSopt - Matlab mex interface to QSopt LP solver.