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List of Publications

M. Colombino, R. S. Smith, T.H. Summers Mutually Quadratically Invariant Information Structures in Two-Team Stochastic Dynamic Games IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, (in press) [OC:08814] 2017
M. Colombino, D. Gross, F. Dörfler Global phase and voltage synchronization for power inverters: a decentralized consensus-inspired approach IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, [OC:09478] Dec 2017
N. K. Dhingra, M. Colombino, M.R. Jovanovic On the convexity of a class of structured optimal control problems for positive systems European Control Conference (ECC), Alborg, pp. 825 - 830, [OC:08814] Jul 2016
J. Wirz, M. Tranzatto, A. Liniger, M. Colombino, H. Hesse, S. Grammatico AEOLUS, the ETH Autonomous Model Sailboat International Robotic Sailing Conference, Mariehamn, Åland, pp. 103-112 Aug 2015
M. Tranzatto, S. Grammatico, A. Liniger, A. Landi The debut of Aeolus, the autonomous model sailboat of ETH Zurich IEEE Oceans Conference May 2015
(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis
S. Comari Parametric System Identification of an Autonomous Sailing Boat Semester Thesis, HS14 (10362) Feb 2015
S. Hessberger Modeling and Simulation of an Autonomous Sailing Boat Bachelor Thesis, FS14 (10336) Jul 2014
J. Eisenberg Hardware Setup for an Autonomous Sailing Boat Semester Thesis, FS 14(10337) Jun 2014
(12)Diploma/Master Thesis
J. Wirz Reactive Path Planning for an Autonomous model Sailboat Master Thesis, FS15 (10397) Jul 2015
D. Krammer Modeling and Control of Autonomous Sailing Boats Master Thesis, HS123 (10325) Jun 2014