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Control of Constrained Hybrid Systems

Download HYSDEL

HYSDEL is released under the General Public License. From this page you can download the source code or the precompiled binaries.


Installation instructions:

  • Download the archive and unpack it to get a directory hysdel3.
  • If you have YALMIP installed, remove your current version from the Matlab path. HYSDEL3 uses special version of YALMIP that is not compatible with latest YALMIP. You can use the following command in Matlab to remove it from Matlab path: rmpath(genpath(fileparts(which('yalmiptest'))))
  • Open Matlab and add the directory hysdel3 with all subdirectories to your Matlab path.
  • Go to the examples directory and test the compiler by running the command hysdel3('two_tanks') in Matlab.
  • For full-functionality of the toolbox it is recommended to install mpt-2.6.

HYSDEL 2.0.6

Installation instructions:

  • Download the binary for your platform.
  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Start Matlab, go to the HYSDEL directory.
  • Type hysdel('l0001.hys') to test the HYSDEL compiler. A file l0001.m should be created in your directory.