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Allgemeines Fachpraktikum I+II (227-0095 and 227-0096)

General Laboratory I+II (227-0095 and 227-0096)


Head: Prof. John Lygeros
Contact Person: Catalin Arghir, ETL K12, Tel: +41 44 632 7996
Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: 13:30, duration approx. 3 hrs
Location(s): ETL C23.2 (during autumn semester also in ML E55)

Autumn Semester

The experiments offered in the autumn semester treat various basic control methodologies such as

  • Sequential control and finite state machines
  • Fuzzy control
  • PID control

They demonstrate fundamental issues in control and thus complement the contents of courses Signal and System Theory II and Control Systems (RegelsystemeI).

See experiments

See IDSC experiments

Spring Semester

The experiments offered in the spring semester reinforce the control paradigms studied in the course Control Systems (Regelsysteme I). Students are encouraged to analyze the control problem and validate their results practically.

Topics treated are:

  • Open-loop shaping (PI, PID, Lead-Lag)
  • Optimal control (LQR)
  • Multiple Input - Multiple Output (MIMO) control

See experiments