Game Theory and Control (227-0694-00L)


Term Spring Semester 2017
Office Phone Email
Lecturers Dr. Saverio Bolognani ETL I 34   044 632 5886
Dr. Joe Warrington ETL K 28   044 632 2581
Prof. Maryam Kamgarpour ETL I 24.2   044 632 7042
TA Marius Schmitt ETL K 12   044 632 4274


Lectures: Every Thursday, 4PM-6PM, NO C 60
Tutorials: Every Tuesday, 2PM-4PM, ML H 41.1
Office Hours: Every Wednesday, 2PM-3PM, ETL K 12


14.02.2017 The first tutorial on Tuesday, 21.02.2017, will not take place.
14.02.2017 The lecture on Thursday, 13.04.2017, will not take place.


The following table will be filled and updated during the course.
We aim to upload the slides for each lecture by midday the day
before, and tutorial material around the time of the lecture.

Date Topic Lecturer Download
Th 23.02.2017 Lecture 1
Introduction to games
Joe Warrington Lecture 1 Slides
Game Template
Tu 28.02.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 1
Th 02.03.2017 Lecture 2
Zero-sum matrix games (pure strategies)
Joe Warrington Lecture 2 Slides
Tu 07.03.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 2
Th 09.03.2017 Lecture 3
Zero-sum matrix games (mixed strategies)
Joe Warrington Lecture 3 Slides
Tu 14.03.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt No Exercise 3
Th 16.03.2017 Lecture 4
Multistage zero-sum games and feedback games
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 4 Slides
Tu 21.03.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 4
tree13.mat, Solutions
Th 23.03.2017 Lecture 5
Randomized strategies for feedback games
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 5 Slides
Tu 28.03.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 5
Th 30.03.2017 Lecture 6
Non-zero-sum games in matrix form
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 6 Slides
Tu 04.04.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 6
Th 06.04.2017 Lecture 7
Application of non-zero-sum games in control
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 7 Slides
Tu 11.04.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt No Exercise 7
Th 27.04.2017 Lecture 8
Convex games I
Maryam Kamgarpour Lecture 8 and 9, Notes and Exercises
Tu 02.05.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt See lecture notes 8.
Th 04.05.2017 Lecture 9
Convex games II
Maryam Kamgarpour See lecture 8.
Tu 09.05.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt See lecture notes 8.
Th 11.05.2017 Lecture 10
Dynamic games I
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 10 Slides
Tu 16.05.2017 Tutorial Marius Schmitt Exercise 10
Th 18.05.2017 Lecture 11
Dynamic games II
Saverio Bolognani Lecture 11 Slides
Tu 23.05.2017 Tutorial Saverio Bolognani Matlab code
Tu 30.05.2017 Lecture 12
Evolutionary games
Saverio Bolognani Chapter 7 of the book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World
Th 01.06.2017 Lecture 13
Mechanism design
Maryam Kamgarpour Lecture 13, Notes and Exercises


In most weeks, an ungraded exercise will be handed out for
self-study purposes. However, the three assignments below will
be assessed formally, each counting towards 10% of the final grade.

Handed out on Assignment Due on Solutions Grades
10.03.2017 Assignment 1
Password: a6d917ed
17.03.2017 Solutions 1
Password: bb3c0a36
06.04.2017 Assignment 2
Password: owX5rvGR
13.04.2017 Solutions 2
Password: dzAmbXai
Iterated Prisoner Dilemma
19.05.2017 Assignment 3
Password: A8NCemf3
5pm in class or ETL I23, no emails
Solutions 3 Grades
Marked scripts can be picked up on request.


The final written exam counts towards 70% of the final grade.


Final grades (including assignments and written exam)